Welcome to Lexel :

Created in 2005, Lexel is the leading and largest business & tax law firm in Madagascar. The Firm is rooted in the Malagasy business environment and yet has an African and regional global outlook and reach.

Lexel takes great pride in its client servicing approach focused on clarity, accessibility, high responsiveness and business oriented legal advice.

Size does not matter, our clients rank from institutional funding agencies, large conglomerates, banks, telecommunication operators, oil and mining companies to small entrepreneurs and family businesses. Lexel provides cost effective legal solutions and services that you need, with the attention you deserve.

Our areas of expertise for both corporate and private clients include:

– Business structure and capital formation
– Corporate and Commercial law
– Taxation (planning, advice and defense)
– Labour and employment
– Merger and acquisition
– Asset protection
– Arbitration

If you want to protect your investment and reduce your chances of ever seeing a court room, Lexel has your solution.

One stop shop partnership :

In 2014, Lexel and FTHM Consulting, combined their expertise and concluded a “Best friend agreement” purporting to offer to their respective client the full spectrum of business services integrating both the legal and non-legal sides of the business.

Whilst both firms remain independent, they benefit from their respective vast international network and can bid together for multi-sectoral tenders predominantly in Africa.

With our partner, we share the core values of Excellency, results, ethics and multidisciplinary approach.

Actualités :

  • 2016

    Imposition à l’IR de la plus-value de cession des titres sociaux et/ou des droits afférents EN

    Depuis la Loi de Finances 2016, la plus-value sur cession de titres sociaux est taxée à l’IR de 20% quel que soit le lieu de résidence du cédant (personnes physiques et morales résidentes ou non) alors que jusqu’en 2015, cette plus-value n’était taxée à l’IR qu’entre les mains des personnes morales résidentes.

  • 2016

    Installation obligatoire de caisse enregistreuse auprès de certains contribuables EN

    Afin de sécuriser les déclarations fiscales notamment en matière de TVA, la Loi de Finances 2016 prévoit la mise en place de caisses enregistreuses gratuites auprès de certains contribuables. Ces caisses permettront à l’administration fiscale d’améliorer les recettes fiscales en matière de TVA dans la mesure où elles lui permettront de déterminer le montant exact de la TVA collectée par une entreprise assujettie à ladite taxe.

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    Banque, Assurance & Microfinance

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    Industrie, Energie, Mine

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    Institutions & ONG

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    Media, Communication & TIC

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    logistiques & BTP